Zoho People And KeyPay: An Informative Guide

Zoho People and keypay are two Zoho applications that have been designed to help Zoho CRM users manage their business. CRM is a customer relationship management software with lead tracking, contact management, email marketing, social media integration, task automation, and more. One of the reasons Zoho CRM has become so popular is because it integrates seamlessly with these apps, which can be used to manage employees or generate invoices for clients.
What are the benefits of this?
Zoho People&Keypay both help streamline business processes by providing their users with a centralized place to manage tasks. In CRM, people can be used to track the time employees have worked for their organization and important document information such as skills or permissions they may carry. Zoho keypay, on the other hand, is a tool that helps businesses generate invoices for clients, which are automatically synced back into CRM, meaning you never miss out on an opportunity to follow up with your customers.
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