Why You Can Touch Male Strippers But Not Female Strippers

Do you know why you can touch male strippers? Perhaps it’s all about perception in this particular case. In general, most people assume they can touch men, but they can’t touch female strippers. The average club follows this general practice. Plenty of individually hired men and women follow the practice, too. When women touch a male stripper, it’s often seen as fun and play. The exact opposite is true when men touch female strippers.

As previously mentioned, it’s all about perception here. Most people think it’s rude for men to touch women. The hands off game is more common than anything else here. In the end, not all male strippers allow for touching, yet it’s usually the norm. Women can get away with a little more here, and perhaps that’s the right practice. Some clubs and strippers allow for no touching whatsoever, though.

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