Why Use Colortrac Scanners?

Large-format plans and drawings are commonly done on papers in construction, engineering, and production departments. Paper tends to deteriorate after some time and is also prone to damage, especially from liquids. Thus, these units should consider using Colortrac scanners for the following reasons.

Digitize Operations

Paperwork is overwhelming in the current business world. Besides, it reduces productivity and leads to loss of paramount data. Construction and engineering firms are now using modern scanners to protect data and enhance productivity.

Store Data

Colortrac brands are versatile and allow entities to digitize various formats in different colors. Digitizing these documents provides a safe storage system for your data. Also, retrieving these files is fast and easy.

Enhance Workflow

Scanning the large-format files improves your workflow. No copying needed with this scanner machine as you can get different document formats from a single copy. Besides, no data is lost during the transfer.


Engineers and constructors understand the value of data in the original plan document. Scanning the copy is recommendable to store, edit, and share the file. Therefore, get a Colortrac scanner to get quality copies.

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