Why Black Sandals Are The Best.

Sandals are a type of footwear that is open on the upper side. Most sandals have laces and straps for fastening. Sandals also come in different colours to serve customer preferences. However, black sandals top the list of most people’s favorite. Here are the reasons why black sandals are the best.

Cool Colour

Most people especially grownups will hardly go for primary shouting colours. Their cool colour makes them highly preferred.


Black does not stain. This colour gives a wearer service. Most sandals are designed to be unisex. They comfortably equally serve both genders.

Colour maintenance.

A black sandal has high chances of maintaining its colour in event it gets exposed to dirt. Serves wearer the benefits of doubt.


A black sandal matches with any dress code. Sandals come in different sizes and shape to meet different target group in terms of age and leg sizes. Above are the reasons why black sandals are the best.

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