When Camping, Make Sure To Dress In Layers

If you’re going to go camping, you’ll need to prepare yourself for adverse and quickly-changing weather, especially if you are camping during the fall, spring or winter. One of the things that will require a lot of planning is the clothing you will bring along with all your other gear.

The most important thing to consider when packing camping clothes is layers. Bring enough clothes for every season. Start out with a tank top and shorts but be prepared to pile on the hoodies, sweatshirts, rain jackets, long pants and waterproof boots if needed. You can buy warm clothes anymore but the best quality items that are made especially for the outdoors can be found in sports shops and outdoor gear shops.

Expect cooler conditions in the nights and prepare your sleepwear and sleeping quarters accordingly. Have warm sleeping backs but also allow for layers in case it gets very hot and stuffy in the morning.

With proper planning, you can stay warm and comfortable throughout your entire trip.

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