What You Should Know About The Average Wedding Catering Prices In Sydney

When you’re planning the wedding of your dreams, it’s important to consider every detail. One thing that can be difficult is wedding catering prices Sydney. Luckily for you, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of average wedding catering prices in Sydney so that you can find what suits your budget best.

The Average Cost

The average wedding catering price in Sydney for each person is $72-$86.This price doesn’t include alcohol, wedding cake, wedding favors, or any other additional fees.

What’s Included In The Price

The price of wedding catering in Sydney includes tableware, such as plates and glasses. Housekeeping fees for the room where the wedding reception is held. Linens to cover tables at your wedding receptions. Wait staff/servers who will bring food and drink around during the event. They also remove dirty dishes from guests’ tables. However, bartenders are not included unless they serve alcohol (no other drinks) exclusively.

Other Fees Included

There are other fees that wedding reception venues include in their pricing. This is because these fees are not related to the wedding itself or how much work it takes for them to prepare your wedding reception. The following list includes some of those other fees gratuity (for waiters, bartenders, and others), sales tax on all food/alcohol/linens rentals, delivery charges if you’re having alcohol deliveries made to your wedding receptions location, and any extra decorating costs that go outside what’s included with standard decoration sets.

To conclude, wedding catering prices in Sydney are not the same everywhere you go. You need to consider all other wedding costs, including gratuity, sales tax, and delivery charges.

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