What To Expect From A Windsor Bail Bonds Company

Bail bonds are a bail-setting procedure conducted for people who have been arrested and were not able to make bail. If you or someone you know has been arrested, bail can be set at $1,000 by bail bonds Windsor. This article will explore what bail bonds are and how they work.

What to expect from this?

Bail can be set at $1000. If bail is not paid, the person who has been arrested must stay in jail until their court date.

Windsor company will post a percentage of money as bail and charge an additional fee to do so (usually around ten percent). The amount that needs to be paid by cash or check made out directly to the bail agent varies from state-to-state, but typically ranges between five hundred and one thousand dollars.
If you cannot make bail, make sure that your lawyer immediately requests time served (RIS) if it’s only overnight or weekend detention; otherwise, ask for a “presentence investigation,” which takes about two weeks depending on the speed of the court.

If you bail out, make sure that the bail agent provides a receipt required by law to protect their clients from being double charged for one transaction if another bail company attempts to do so.
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