What Is Water Well Drilling?

Water well drilling refers to the process of digging a hole in search of subsurface water deposits called aquifers. Water wells are usually constructed using a process in which a pipe is driven in to the ground and are referred to as ‘driven wells’. As the hole is dug its is cased which means a pipe is inserted into the hole to ensure it does not collapse. These wells are usually relatively shallow – between 30 and 50 meters deep. Because these types of wells draw water from aquifers located near the surface they can be subject to contamination.

Drilled wells are constructed by using percussion rotary drilling equipment and can reach depths of several thousands of feet; these well walls also require casing to be inserted into the drilling shaft. Casing is a tube-shaped pipe that is placed into the well hole to maintain the opening from the surface to the target water source – they also prevent contaminants from entering the water supply.

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