What Is The Best Way To Learn To Read?

Experts say that the best way to learn to read is to follow the techniques listed below.

• Start reading to a child as a baby and continue reading to them as often as possible.

• Read books and sign songs that rhyme.

• Have books and other text-based mediums available around the house for the child’s use.

• Teach kids phonics in context – that is, the connections between letters and sounds through puzzles, letter magnets and so on.

• Build on a child’s feeling of competency with regular encouragement when they understand a text.

• Ask the child questions about what is being read to promote understanding of the text.

• Don’t use extrinsic rewards, such as stickers, to encourage reading skill.

• Reward the child’s own, intrinsic, motivation to read – studies show that a lifelong love of reading comes from making early childhood reading fun.

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