What Is STEM And STEAM Learning?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is the new point of emphasis in current education thinking. The idea is to encourage students (of both sexes) to choose these subjects for their long term education goals. This is seen as vitally important in world where expertise in (or at least basic understanding of) science and technology will give new graduates an advantage in the job market. Consequently it is appropriate for teachers and administrators to push for more emphasis and funding for STEM learning projects that will prepare their students for the technology oriented society that awaits them.

STEM subjects, however, do not encompass all of human knowledge and in some ways result in a person who does not have a fully rounded education. This is why some educators believe that an A should be added to the STEM acronym that stands for Arts and turn it into STEAM so that both STEM and STEAM learning will lead to better outcomes for students.

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