What Is My Car Worth?

To determine, what is my car worth, your car’s value is determined by its make and model, mileage, performance condition, the number of automobile accidents it’s been involved in and its appearance. You can use several online services to look up the estimated worth as well. They will judge its worth according to the elements listed above.

Adding brand new tires always increases the value of your vehicle. Turning back the odometer is a big no-no! The exact mileage is almost impossible to hide as there are so many records kept on a car today. Records are kept each time you get an oil change, you visit the dealership for tune-ups and mechanical work, etc.

To warrant a good resale price, clean your car thoroughly. Keep the exterior paint looking pristine. Maintain the car’s engine, rotate the tires regularly, and keep excellent records about your car’s upkeep.

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