What Is Litecoin Cash?

Litecoin Cash represents a fork on the Litecoin blockchain that occurred in 2018 and represents the creation a new cryptocurrency that is distinct from Litecoin. At the time Charlie Lee, a former Google employee who is the creator of the original Litecoin, warned investors that he had no association with Litecoin Cash and was concerned that it could be a scam although it has been trading successfully since.

Holders of Litecoin at the time of the fork were entitled to 10 of the new Litecoin Cash coins. The Litecoin Cash fork was created, according to its backers, to speed up transaction processing time by offering simpler blocks which made the mining of Litecoin Cash easier and faster.

The Litecoin Cash price is currently USD $0.002553 with its highest price this year reaching above USD $0.0125 briefly in January. The are 702,933,075 Litecoin Cash coins currently in circulation with the maximum possible being 840,000,000.

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