What Is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a process where an executive coach works one-on-one with senior executives to enhance their leadership skills and achieve business goals. What is Executive Coaching? Executive Coaching helps the client create behavioral changes that lead to improved performance, healthier relationships, and higher levels of life satisfaction. What’s involved? Executive coaching typically includes:

Goal Setting: The coach and client will work together to set specific goals for the coaching engagement. What’s the time frame? Most coaching engagements last between three and six months. What can you expect to get out of it? You’ll learn how to make better decisions, communicate more effectively with your team, develop strategies for career growth within your organization, achieve work-life balance, identify sources of stress affecting performance at work or home life, and become a better leader.

Action Planning: What actions will be taken to accomplish each goal? What resources will be needed, and what is the timeline for attaining specific results? What systems can make it easier to implement these changes over time? What obstacles might get in the way, and how can they best be overcome? What are the consequences of not taking action? What is your plan for making sure that these changes happen, even when you’re busy or distracted with other things in life?

Feedback: The coach provides actionable feedback on current behaviors or patterns that are not achieving desired results. What can you do to change your behavior to get better results? What are some specific steps that could make a difference, and how will you take them? What obstacles might stand in the way of handling these actions, and what is a plan for overcoming them?

To know about cost and specific details, get in contact with a coaching agency.

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