What Is Energy Healing Therapy?

Energy healing therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which the practitioner seeks to heal a patient by influencing the ‘subtle energy’ that flows through their bodies. This is not energy, as such, (for example, electricity) and is sometimes referred to as ‘vibrational’ energy.

This form of therapy has been used in various cultures for centuries including in Reiki, Pranic, Quantum and Qigong healing practices among others. It is believed that it restores an imbalance in the flow of subtle energy in the body, soul and mind of a person and is used to treat all aspects of a person’s wellbeing including their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Treatment of an illness or other issue is caused, according to this practice, by a disturbance or imbalance of the energy flow inside a person and once balance has been restored the condition is cured.

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