What Is Business Resilience Training?

Business resilience training helps businesses to learn how to anticipate , withstand, mitigate and recover from the affects of change and setbacks. It helps businesses meet the challenges of a changing technological and business environment and enables them to be proactive by identifying possible risk scenarios that can have a negative impact on their function.

This type of training can involve some or all of the following topics:

• An overview risk, safety, preparedness, resilience and reliability
• How to design policy and procedures to manage risk and change
• Understand the concepts of resilience and innovative solutions to achieve it
• A system for monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of a resilience management system
• Study the knowledge of other businesses resilience approaches

The goal of any resilience training is for executives and key stakeholders to understand the key concepts that will help to achieve resilience and to cope with ongoing change and recovery from negative impacts to the business.

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