What Is A Shungite Crystal Pyramid And What Are The Effects?

A shungite crystal pyramid is a pyramidal shungite stone that can be used for many different purposes. This article will discuss the effects of shungine crystals, how to use them, and what they are.

Shungite is a type of natural stone that has been found in Russia since ancient times. It has been discovered that it also emits energy similar to geopathic stress but with the opposite effect.

Shungine stones cleanse any negative energy within an environment by emitting positive ions, which counteracts electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices such as cell phones and televisions, thereby balancing the electromagnetic field in any given area. Shungine crystals are also said to help improve physical health by increasing blood circulation and oxygen intake.

Shungine crystals are also used to help improve the strength of one’s chakras, which is considered especially useful for those who have chakra problems or chakra blockages that cause physical pain and discomfort in their body.

To get a shungine crystal pyramid, visit a specialty online or local store.

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