What Food Do Tropical Fish Eat?

If you have tropical fish you should try to vary their diet periodically so that they remain healthy and don’t become bored with the same food and stop eating. Tropical fish food comes in range of forms including:

• Dried Food Pellets – these are a popular choice because they are available in a range of sizes suitable for both small and large breeds. There are two types of pellets: those that float for surface-feeding fish and ones that sink to the bottom for bottom-feeding varieties.

• Dried Food Flakes – this is the most common form of food for tropical fish and come in wide variety of types. They contain a mix of ingredients that are balanced to provide ideal nutrition for a tropical fish.

• Tablet Food – this is fish food in the form a of a tablet which sinks to the bottom of the aquarium and releases its contents. This may not be suitable for surface feeding fish, however.

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