What Features Do You Need From Your Network Management Software?

The best network management software has to be the one that keeps track of everything, from the devices in your rack to the ones you’ve turned over to the cloud, and everything in between. It should allow you to create custom reports for all of these devices, and in addition, it should be able to email these things to everyone who’s plugged into your network. So let’s talk about what a great piece of software should be doing for your company’s IT department.

First off, you need to select network management tools that offer them real-time data and all of the other features that will make managing their networks easier and more effective. Some things to look for in the best network management software packages on the market today are things like Google alerting, custom reporting, automatic integration with other GFI tools, as well as just the simple ability to send emails. In fact, those are all things that large companies would want from their network monitoring tool.

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