What Exactly Is The Bohemian Look?

The term Bohemian appeared in the 19th century to describe artists, musicians and writers; the word has also given its name to a style of furniture. Bohemian style furniture can also be described in other words, including funky and eclectic. If your home is furnished in the Bohemian style, chances are your furniture is mismatched, with no specific sense of style or any one theme. It’s acceptable to place a vintage dresser next to a rustic chair, or a more modern sofa. It’s a look that is often favored by creative types, as well as those furnishing their home on a budget. And it isn’t just the furniture; having the Bohemian look is also all about the overall décor, including furnishings, wallpaper, lighting fixtures and decorative items. One appealing thing about the Bohemian look is that it’s inviting, and it’s often a talking point too.

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