What Does An Internet Marketing Company Do?

An internet marketing company engages in marketing using the internet. Sometimes called ‘online marketing’, it refers to the promotion of a business, brand, product or service using techniques that help attract traffic, get leads and make sales.

While there are a variety of marketing tools and strategies that are used to achieve this (such as email, search, paid search and others), it reflects a move away from what is called ‘outbound advertising’ to ‘inbound advertising’.

Outbound advertising refers to traditional advertising techniques where marketers ‘sent out’ advertising through TV, radio and television and hoped for a response for customers; sometimes referred to as ‘interruption marketing’ it has become something customers make efforts to avoid.

Inbound marketing, however, seeks to attract customers by offering them information or other content that they value and will seek out for themselves; it is seen as being in alignment with the way people use the internet these days to evaluate products and services.

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