What Do Exploration Drilling Companies Do?

Exploration drilling companies provide exploratory services for oil, gas and mineral exploration conducted by mining companies. Mining companies contract these companies to carry out test drilling services for new mining sites in order to determine the mineral composition of the area.

Various types of drilling techniques are used including the following:

• Reverse-circulation drilling
• Air-core drilling
• Diamond drilling
• Rotary air-blast drilling
• Hydraulic-rotary drilling
• Coil-tube drilling
• Other exploratory drilling services

Exploration drilling is the final step before developmental drilling is undertaken to recover desired minerals. It provides information that is used to identify areas of mineralization and delivers core samples and rock cuttings for analysis. Retrieved samples from the drilling process can also be used to analyse the stricture of the ground to identify fracture networks and other faults. Hydrological and thermal data can also be provided which measure water samples and earth temperature, respectively.

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