What Are Raw Pre-Rolled Cones?

Raw pre rolled cones are raw, unprocessed marijuana cigarettes that can be rolled by hand. They are made of real cannabis flowers that have been ground up to the consistency of rolling tobacco or finely shredded coconut meat. The raw cones can then be stuffed into a hollow cone paper and smoked just like any other cigarette, except that they contain cannabis flowers instead of tobacco leaves.

1) What should I know about this?
– raw cones offer greater potency than raw flower
– raw cones can be bought in bulk and stored for later use
2) How do I start?
– buy a pack of cone papers from your favorite headshop, along with some ground cannabis flowers. You can also find these at dispensaries if you live in an area where they are legal.
3) Is this legal?
– these cones are not legal in all areas. Please check your local laws before starting this process.

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