What Are Mindfulness Cards For Kids?

In recent years the practice of teaching kids mindfulness has become more popular as many parents and educators realized the importance of teaching these skills at an early age. Mindfulness cards for kids are one such way of introducing these ideas to young children.

What Exactly Are They and How Are They Used?

Mindfulness cards are simply a set of cards featuring short instructions to help teach kids how to develop techniques such as meditation, calmness, and awareness.

Typically each card will have a short activity for kids to try, ranging from breathing exercises to body awareness and exercises in imagination and visualization.

Most sets of cards use colorful images to help kids visualize the idea of each exercise and to promote a fun and relaxed experience of mindfulness.

The aim of these cards is to gently introduce the concept of mindful living in young children but they are also used by adults to understand how to help their kids develop these skills.

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