What Are Extractables And Leachables?

Extractables and Leachables are substances that may be found in food products. Extractable is a term used to describe anything that can get dissolved into liquid. A leachable is any material that can dissolve or come out of the food product after being placed on the shelf for some time.
Extractables and leachables often consist of chemicals, vitamins, minerals, oils, fats, preservatives, and other additives that might not be good for humans when they eat them over time.

Extractable chemicals may cause allergies, carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, etc. They may interfere with other ingredients in your products. They may affect your health even if you do not directly handle
When considering a product, Extractables and Leachables are often ignored. However, they can be the most important factors in determining how safe a product is. Extractables are chemicals that remain on the surface of an item after it has been manufactured. Leachables are chemicals that seep into an item from its packaging during storage or use.

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