What Are Diabetes Mood Symptoms?

Sufferers of diabetes can experience more than low blood sugar levels. Other complications can include diabetes mood swings which can place emotional strains on your relationships with friends and loved ones.

Friends and family can struggle to understand these sudden changes in mood and may think that they are to blame. Recognizing how diabetes can affect moods and emotions will help you to promote stronger, healthier relationships with people that are suffering from the disease.

Diabetes can cause rapid and severe changes in mood; diabetes mood symptoms caused by low blood sugar can include:

• A confused state
• Overwhelming hunger pangs
• Difficulty in physical coordination and decision making
• Aggression and irritability
• Personality changes
• Difficulty concentrating on a particular task or activity.

The signs that a person has high blood sugar levels can include the following:

• Lack of mental clarity and ability to think quickly
• Nervousness or agitation
• Feeling tired or having low energy

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