What An Android TV Box Can Do For You

Watching movies might be a form of escapism but that’s exactly what a lot of people need during this turbulent year. Besides, it’s easy, convenient, and highly accessible. You don’t even need to go out of the house which is exactly what the medical advice is anyway. Subscriptions to online streaming services have risen exponentially over the past months. Sales of television sets have also increased all in the name of improving the home theater experience. If you are interested in this as well, then consider adding an Android TV box to your home setup.

Smooth Streaming

The box can connect to your home network via Wi-Fi for portability. It also has an Ethernet port for a faster and more stable wired connection. The latter may be useful if you are having difficulties with 4K streaming. Newer models should be able to handle playback with a hitch. Any skips or lags are likely to be due to network issues. Make sure that you have a high-speed connection. For full HD 1080p streaming, 5Mbps is the minimum with 10Mbps or more would be ideal. As for 4K streaming, 15Mbps is the minimum with 25Mbps or more being ideal. You always need allowance for other network users.

Media Player

Of course, these TV boxes are not just dependent on what’s streaming online. You can also watch any video file that you might have in your external hard drive. Perhaps you have amassed hundreds or even thousands of movies in your digital collection over the years. Connect your archive via USB to the back of the TV box and make it your default media player. You can also use it to play music files. Some of boxes provide output ports for external speakers.

Free Apps

Install any kind of compatible application on the device through the app store. You can turn your TV into a dynamic picture frame with a slideshow of your best pictures. You can get updates on the latest weather bulletins and stock market movements. You can tap Internet radio stations and listen to podcasts. You can check your social media accounts and read the latest news. Think about apps that would look amazing on a big screen.

Gaming Console

Games will certainly feel more engaging if you can play it on a large display instead of the few inches of real estate provided by mobile phones. Your friends and family can cheer you on as you race against other cars, slay monsters, or solve puzzles.

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