Victorian Solar Rebate In Robinvale

The Victorian Solar Rebate is a program that provides incentives for solar installations in Robinvale. The rebate will be provided to the citizens who purchase and install an eligible system on their property, as long as they are not purchasing electricity from an electricity retailer. This article will cover three main points about victorian solar rebate Robinvale:

1) Who can apply?

The Victorian Solar Rebate program is open to all residents of Victoria who meet certain electrical energy consumption limits, regardless of their location or property size. To apply for the rebate, they must purchase an eligible product and complete a simple online application form.

2) What’s the cost of installation?

The current maximum allowable size for the program is 100 kWp, and an accredited installer must install this. The victorian solar rebate program is designed to be one of the cheapest in Australia, with a cost per watt installed being around $0.20 below average.

3) What does it include?

The victorian solar rebate program covers all aspects of installation, including the system design and engineering. The maximum allowable size for a grid connect system is 100 kWp, and an accredited installer must install this.

To know more and get a quotation, contact the authorities in charge.

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