Vegan Paleo Bread: A Healthy Option

What do vegan, paleo, and bread all have in common? They are three words that many people would never expect to see together. However, vegan paleo bread is a healthy option for those who want to stay vegan but enjoy a little bit of something carb-heavy. This article will discuss what this bread is, how it can be made, and the benefits of eating this bread!

1) What is this bread?

This bread is a combination of vegan, gluten-free ingredients that are healthy and low in carbohydrates. This means it is safe for those who follow the vegan diet to have some form of bread every once in a while without feeling guilty or unhealthy afterward!

2) How can you make it?

There are many different ways this bread recipe can be done. One way would be to use coconut flour instead of an almond meal because coconut has been healthier than almonds with fewer carbs per serving! Another option could include using applesauce instead of eggs since applesauce is another excellent substitute for eggs that isn’t too difficult to find at your local grocery store either. These options will result in lower-calorie bread.

3) What are its benefits?

Some of the benefits this bread offers include being low in calories, carbs, and fat. It is also high in fiber which helps aid digestion!
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