Varicose Veins Treatment Melbourne Options

The varicose veins treatment Melbourne clinics offer depend on the size and location of the problematic veins. Also known as spider veins, this issue can be solved by laser surgery, injections or surgery. Injections help collapse the veins and do not involve any surgical treatment. The collapsed veins eventually disappear once they become ineffective in carrying blood. The healthier blood vessels take over the job of circulating blood. You may have to undergo several sessions of injection treatment to achieve the best results.

Laser therapy is suggested for small leg blood and facial vessels. In this treatment method, the blood vessel is heated to an extent causing them to gradually fade away. Severe varicose veins require surgical procedure. This treatment is used to completely remove the dilated vein. A small incision may be made to tie the problematic vein. There are other therapies and treatment options. Fix an appointment at a specialist varicose vein treatment clinic to receive proper diagnosis and learn which treatment option is best for you.

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