Using Marquees For Funerals

Marquees are common in funerals, and the word ‘marquee’ is from the French word ‘mourir,’ which means ‘memorial’ or ‘pilgrimage.’ The main purpose of marquees for funerals is to hold an open-air funeral service for the dead person. Marquees are typically made of plywood and covered with a large sheet of aluminum sheeting, and they can be easily transported by forklift trucks or cranes.

Marquees are also used for other types of funerals, such as those where the deceased was a celebrity. In this case, the deceased would have been buried in a large grave plot, and the marquees would be erected in front of it in the shape of a star or a statue. Usually, the marquees for celebrities are more elaborate and are used in the same manner as the above-mentioned funeral service, but they may also have their own seating arrangements. Marquees are also used to hold an open-air service for the relatives of the deceased.

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