Useful Information About Weighted Blanket Sore Muscles

A pressure blanket is designed to aid individuals with sensory conditions. Non-medicated therapy will ease your mental problems and nervous disorders. Below are some benefits of a weighted blanket sore muscles.

Oxytocin Release

Pressure from these blankets resembles a hug. The cloth provides both a sense of warmness plus security. Hence, it stimulates the secretion of the oxytocin hormone that helps one feel relaxed and at ease.

Dopamine Secretion

A pressing blanket offers in-depth and gentle pressure into your body. Besides, this touch triggers the brain to secret dopamine. This hormone will calm your body and combat mental issues like depression.

Boost Melatonin

Moreover, these blankets kindle the production of melatonin. This hormone is responsible for promoting sleep and regulating sleeping cycles. The pressure provided leaves you feeling calm.


These blankets are ideal after a long and tiring day. However, get large blankets for maximum relation. Ensure the blanket weight is reasonable.

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