Types Of Breastfeeding Activewear

Extensive studies throughout the decades has revealed that breastfeeding offers many benefits for the baby and mother. Babies are more fortified by their mother’s milk than they are by formula. However, many babies grow into healthy young people consuming only formula as infants. Breastfed babies are less likely to develop type 1 diabetes, asthma, and food allergies. As adults they are less prone to becoming obese and have better cognitive development.

The mother benefits from breastfeeding also, her uterus contracts better reducing blood loss, it decreases the likelihood of postpartum depression, and it has yet another benefit. It delays the return of fertility and menstruation. It is believed breastfeeding mothers have less incidence of rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and breast cancer. Those same mother will want to get back in shape after the blessed event of giving birth. You’ll need to be healthy and able to care for a growing child.

As you begin your exercise routines, it’s beneficial knowing after you get dressed to exercise that you won’t have to undress to breastfeed at the drop-of-a-hat when the baby calls. Thank goodness for breastfeeding activewear.

Types of Breastfeeding Activewear

1. Pull-over hoodies with convenient horizontal color blocking concealing the opening in the mid-chest area between the seams. This seam is finished as an opening that allowing for breastfeeding. Other pullovers offer a vertical zippered opening along the princess line just over the breast’s nipple. Again, making breastfeeding accessible.

2. Sports bras are needed for support of the breasts, but they need to serve two purposes for the mother who recently gave birth. The breastfeeding bra has a convenient construction. It has an underlayer with an opening for both breasts. The breasts are supported around the nipple, and the nipple area is exposed. An over-layer covers the breasts and hooks into the strap. This enables the wearer to unhook the left side or the right side as they feed their infant. These sports bras are available in low-impact and high-impact supports. Some of these bras are padded and others are not.

3. Nursing tops offer a two-layered torso with the option to feed your baby after raising the top layer and exposing the breast opening beneath. The sleeve length and neckline vary from short and long sleeves, crew neck and V-necks.

Women have been blessed in that they get to experience the miracle of childbirth. It hurts and your body goes through a myriad of changes, some good, some not so good. But the result is that you get to bring a life into the world and with a little luck and hard work, that person becomes

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