TV Box Android Specifications For 2020

Technology moves fast. The things that used to excite us quickly gets boring as better ones rise up. If you bought a TV box Android device, then you might want to revisit the market as there are so much more options today than ever before. Elevate your viewing experience and enjoy the latest that tech has to offer in this segment. New devices are also more likely to be compatible with the latest versions of apps and games. Although older models are still available, their lower prices cannot compensate for their sluggishness and lack of features. Be sure to purchase a TV box with the following in mind:

4K Playback

4K resolution used to be an overwhelming concept when it was first introduced. It was hard to wrap your head around that level of clarity when many were having difficulties streaming in plain HD. There were also few content and even less TV sets capable of showing them in their full glory. It had to wait a while but now 4K is all over the place from content to hardware. If you have a new television with this feature, then do yourself a favor and get a TV box that can handle 4K playback.

Voice Commands

Every box comes with its own remote control. While this is handy and familiar, who wants to fumble around with buttons when you can control your viewing experience through voice commands? Check out devices that are compatible with voice recognition and see just how well they are able to function. This is quickly becoming the standard in 2020.There will be no need to go through your stuff if the remote is nowhere to be seen. There is no need to hunt for batteries when the controller is unresponsive. Just talk to the device and go.


Apps demand more resources so your hardware must be able to respond with adequate supplies. Make sure that the RAM is at least 2GB to reduce lags and hiccups. Some devices may even provide 4GB or more. Get as much of this as you can because you typically won’t be able to perform upgrades in the future. The ROM is where your data will sit. Many will offer only 8GB of storage which is hardly enough for a decent archive. Get at least 16GB but more is definitely better.

OS Version

Lastly, make sure that you are getting something with one of the more recent versions of the operating system. At this point, using Android 9 and up would be the safest bet. Move on if you see a product that has an older version as you might soon run into compatibility issues.

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