Tulsa State Fair: A Guide For Visitors

The State Fair is for Tulsa, Oklahoma. In this article, we will give you three reasons to visit the Tulsa state fair:

Reason #1: It has tons of activities for kids! There are games, rides, and food stands that cater specifically to kids. If your child loves animals or candy apples- they’ll love the Tulsa state fair!

Reason #2: You can find out more information on how agriculture affects our environment. Many agricultural businesses have booths set up in the exhibition hall so you can learn more about their practices and how it affects Tulsa.

Reason # Three: It is excellent for families looking to find new ways to bond with their kids! Many activities, like building a scarecrow or painting your face into an animal, will encourage family members of all ages to come together and have fun. You can even stop by the parade, which is a great way to see all of Tulsa’s favorite characters in one place!

The Tulsa state fair is a yearly event that runs for ten days, starting on the second Tuesday of every September. It brings people from all over Tulsa together to enjoy music, food, and games.

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