Touching: Legal or not

It’s more about the stripper’s touch limit and not if there is a touching law. If the strip company and the stripper both have a no-touch policy, the stripper could file assault charges against a customer who touches them. And this applies to primarily female strippers.

For males, women touch them at will because they’re there to entertain the guests. Why you can touch male strippers, abusing the privilege could get you in soup. Stay within the limit, and don’t drive your stripper hysterical.

Touching is usually permitted, but be sure to check the rules ahead of time. Furthermore, any touching that involves penetration is considered prostitution in many jurisdictions.

Mind-boggling questions: why can you touch male strippers? Why are the ladies left out of the rule? Just know this: If you touch her in the club without consent, you’ll be kicked out.

You don’t want that to happen. More info here.

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