Top Best Glasses For Scotch

Scotch drinks come with a class. A great make the drink complete. For this reason, apart from personal preferences, drinkers love their scotch glasses to be of class just like the drink. To preserve the spirit’s aroma and flavors, here are some of the best glass for scotch.

The Neat Whiskey Glass

These crafted based glasses take a pot shape and flat rim that helps it to rest well on hand and lips. The shape is designed to reduce ethanol vapours and preserve the aroma.

Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass

It is has a heavy base and thin curvy body of tulip glass. The design preserves the aroma concentration. It fits well as an office scotch glass.

Twist Whiskey Glasses

Perfectly designed as a perfect gift for whiskey drink lovers. It is their ideal glass.


To have the best fulfilment from a sip of scotch, above the top best glasses for scotch to consider first.

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