Top 3 Tips For Buying Small Dog Apparel

Some small dog breeds are more prone to excessive shedding, especially if they have long hair. This is something that small dog owners need to be aware of before purchasing small dog apparel. The following three tips will help small breed dogs keep their fur under control and make it easier for them to stay warm during the winter months without getting too hot in the summer.

-Tip One: Use a Furminator brush on your pet’s coat regularly. This is a way to avoid small dog apparel becoming tangled in knots.

-Tip Two: Avoid small dog apparel with tiny buttons, zippers, or other small parts that could be chewed off by your pet and become a choking hazard. If you do have to use small dog apparel with these components, then make sure it is made out of rigid materials that are not easily chewed through.

-Tip Three: Keep small dog apparel out of your pet’s reach when not wearing it, especially if you have small children in the household who may try to play with the small dog apparel. This is just an added precaution that will help keep everyone safe, including your little furry friend.

In summary, small dog apparel is a great way to keep your small furry friend looking stylish and cute. And with just a few tips, it can be safe as well!

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