Top 3 Things To Consider When Moving To Dubai

Dubai is a fast-paced, cosmopolitan city that can be a fantastic place to live. But moving there isn’t always easy. Here are the three things you should consider before moving to Dubai:

Cost of living

Leaving family and friends behind for a fresh start somewhere new can be difficult, but moving to Dubai might be even more complicated because of the high cost of living. Housing in Dubai is expensive, likely more than you’re used to if you come from somewhere like New York City or London. There are also fewer options for housing, with most things being luxury apartments that can be out-of-reach for many.

Work availability and visa requirements

Because Dubai is a popular destination, it can be challenging to find work there unless you have a specific skill set that the country needs or a job offer already in hand. You’ll also need your employer to obtain an employment visa on your behalf before moving there, which could take time as well as money.

Emirati culture and society

As a visitor or resident, you need to be aware that Emiratis have their own customs and traditions which don’t always align with those of the West. For instance, it’s not acceptable for women who aren’t married to go out in public without dressing appropriately and covering up at all times. If moving to Dubai for work, you’ll need to make sure that your company takes care of any moving expenses, including visas and extra luggage fees.

To conclude, if you are considering moving to Dubai, it’s essential to be aware of the moving process and what you’ll need both before moving there and once you get settled.

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