Tips For Using Frozen Pizza Dough Balls To Make Amazing Meals

Frozen pizza dough balls make it easy to prepare hot, delicious pizzas right at home. When using these products, however, you always want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Given that pizza crust comes from a risen dough, it is generally necessary to let this dough defrost and rise. With yeast-risen breads and doughs of any type, patience is always key for getting truly outstanding results. Make sure that your dough defrosts and rises in a consistently warm area. If you have a warming drawer in your oven, place it here. You can also place the dough in a sunny windowsill or on a kitchen counter that’s near a fairly consistent heat source. While doing so, try to avoid overheating the dough. You want it to be warm enough to reactivate the yeast. If temperatures are too hot, they will prematurely cook the product while simultaneously killing the yeast.

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