Tips For Running A Disc Golf Australia Event

When planning and running a disc golf event, there are specific things you must do. Before the actual day, make early plans to make it successful. Here are tips for running a disc golf Australia event.

Trash Cans

Dustbins are essential items that you need to have during the event. It will ensure that the place remains tidy throughout the period. Have a place where people can put their litter.

Vendors and Staffs

You cannot do everything on your own. Therefore, highlight the best vendors and staff you need to assist you with the arrangements. Look for food vendors to ensure your guests have enough to eat.

Merchandise and Equipment

Ensure that you have the right equipment. Your vendors should provide the necessary player packs for you. Check everything you need and assemble it before the day comes.


When running a disc golf event, these are essential things you should do. Ensure you plan early to avoid complications.

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