Tips For Door Jam Protection

Secure doors prevent potential intruders from accessing your home giving you peace of mind while away. Ignoring a door jam could expose your home along with belongings at a major risk.Below are measures for door jam protection.

Regularly Check the Doors

A door should open easily without the use of force. However, when it starts jamming, check whether its hinges have started forming rust. Apply a layer of grease or oil to enhance its smooth opening and closure.

Find the Necessary Assistance

If oiling and greasing do not work, talk to a reliable door installation company. An upgrade of the door or replacement of the jambs could save you from burglary. A look into the local directory will help you find a contractor.

Improve the Security Features

A door alone cannot help get rid of unwanted persons in a home. Additional security features such as an improved locking mechanism like Smart locks that can be controlled remotely may come in handy.


Strong doors and regular maintenance are great measures towards securing your home. Get a security system that can go beyond the usual door jamb.

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