Tips For Buying Apricot Seeds

Apricots are a delicious and nutritious fruit that can be enjoyed as-is or turned into jams, kinds of butter, pies, and more. Buy Apricot seeds from your local garden center or nursery to grow your apricot tree!

Tips for buying these seeds

– Apricots that are ripe enough to eat. If the apricots feel too stiff or squishy, then they may not be ripe yet and could rot before you can plant them.
– Put the seed in a glass of water with its flat end up. The top half of it should be above the water level while the shallow end is submerged underwater. Keep it this way for two weeks by keeping an eye on it every day or so to ensure that there’s still some moisture left inside of the seed, if any evaporates from being exposed to air each day when you remove your hand from holding onto it underwater.
If, after about two weeks, no sign of life appears in your apricot seed, you should probably buy another one instead because otherwise, there’s likely something wrong with this particular seed, which will result in low chances of growing an apricot tree from inside the fruit.

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