Thinner And Lighter Eye Lenses Materials

Once you have selected the frame for your eyeglasses, it is time to select lenses for it. Eye lenses are now made with special plastics. Ordinary plastic lenses may not be suitable for thicker lenses. Top lens makers use high quality plastics to make their lenses. Some of them have come up with mixed materials that offer several advantages over traditional lens materials. These lenses not only correct vision but also provide better comfort. You will get better appearance and comfort even when you wear thick lenses made with such materials.

Hi-index plastic is thinner and lighter compared to other plastic materials used to make lenses. It offers better look, great comfort and appealing aesthetics. If you are concerned about your lenses breaking, use polycarbonate lenses that offer superior impact resistance. These lenses are lighter and thinner than traditional plastic lenses. They are tough and do not break easily.

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