The Ultimate Guide To Articulated Trailer Tankers

Articulated Trailer Tankers (ATTs) are a newer design for transporting liquids, so there is not much information available to the public about them. Articulated tanker trucks have been in use since 1993, and they provide many benefits over traditional trailer tankers. We will discuss three advantages of ATTs below:

– They can be driven down narrower roads than standard trailers because they are more flexible
– The drivers have an easier time parking their truck at the terminal because it can turn on its axis
– Articulates offer better stability when driving through rough terrain.

Articulated Trailer Tankers allow for more efficient transportation by taking on different shapes based on load size. They have been designed specifically for the needs of today’s businesses. They can carry a variety of liquids, including water, fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, and much more. They are more flexible than traditional semi-trailers.

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