The Process Of Male Life Drawing

Like all drawing from a model, you need to concentrate on the feature you’re trying to capture with your medium, charcoal, chalk, pencil, or ink. You need to see the line of the body and use your sense of style to capture that area of the body. You may draw realistically or in the abstract, but that truth should be reflected in the arm, leg, or torso you draw.

Take your time. It’s important that you don’t feel rushed. You’re an artist not a caricaturist. They’re paid to rush a cartoonish image of someone. Your art may one day be the star of a gallery showing.

When complete, your male life drawing may bear little resemblance to what everyone else in the room saw, but it is what you saw. It’s your truth and your art. Life drawing is like all art, it originates from the soul to make its debut on paper or canvas.

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