The Kerio Mail Server

Kerio Mail Server (KLS) is an email, calendaring, contacts, and reminder server that operates on three major versions of the Linux OS, six operating systems, five versions of Windows, or Virtual Machines, as a VMWare ESX virtual machine, or a Parallels VDI. The key selling point for Kerio Mail Server is its ability to integrate all of your mail servers, calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks into a single interface.

If you have a single mail server, you can use the Kerio Mail Server as an assistant. If you have more, you can integrate Kerio Mail Server as a mailing application. The power of this integration is that it empowers you to use your applications instead of Microsoft applications and use third-party applications like Courier or Apple Mail. Now, this doesn’t mean that you will automatically migrate mail server configurations into these other applications but, there are several steps you can take to enable Kerio Mail Server to do this automatically for you.

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