The Fresh Food Hub: Information For Eaters

The Fresh Food Hub is a food hub that provides fresh produce to restaurants, grocery stores, and distributors. Jody Lyle founded fresh Food Hub in 2010 to help people eat healthy food more often. Today they serve 15 states across the nation. Here are three reasons why Fresh Foods are important for our society:

Fresh food has been shown to have lower levels of pesticides than conventionally grown produce. They typically contain higher amounts of vitamins and minerals due to their short shelf life

When you buy fresh foods from your local farmer’s market, you’re supporting small businesses!
Fresh food is important because it helps reduce the amount of transmission of diseases like salmonella or e-coli in your home kitchen.

The Fresh Food Hub has teamed up with TerraCycle to recycle all its packaging materials. If you’re on a tight budget but still want healthy options, then the Fresh Food Hub might be perfect for you!

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