The Blue Hole Cenote In Belize

If you’re planning to dive in the Blue Hole Cenote Belize residents will probably tell you its one of the wonders of the world. And they may not be exaggerating; the 124 meter deep sinkhole, also sometimes known as the World Eye, is a spectacular sight. It’s located about 80 km off the coat of Belize, and measures about 318 meters in diameter. It’s the second deepest in the world and diving here is a truly memorable experience. The hole isn’t home to many sea creatures, other than the occasional shark, and the real enjoyment in diving here comes from the mysterious caves and picturesque stalactites visible once you reach the bottom. The hole is so deep it actually takes almost 40 minutes to dive to its floor. The Blue Hole can be experienced by boat too, with several companies offering excursions.

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