The Benefits And Uses Of Peshtemal Towels

Peshtemals are a type of towel that is common in many parts of the Middle East and Asia. They originated as part of the nomadic culture, where they were used to wrap up on top of their clothes for warmth during cold nights. Today, these towels can be found in most major department stores or online retailers. If you are looking to buy peshtemal towels, here’s what you need to know:

They are Lightweight

These towels are great because they are very lightweight and can be folded up into a compact size. They weigh just over 0.29 ounces, while the average towel weighs around one pound or more than four times as much! This makes them perfect for camping because they take up so little space in your pack and don’t add too much weight to it either.

They are Highly Absorbent

Peshtemals are made out of 100 percent Turkish cotton woven together enough that these towels absorb water quickly without leaving streaks behind on your body when you dry off with them. Because the cotton fibers are thicker, they tend to hold onto moisture longer up to 30% longer.

They are Versatile

Peshtemals come in a variety of colors and designs, so they can easily be matched to your existing bathroom decor. They’re also great for use as bath towels because you don’t have to worry about the towel getting mildewy or smelling like mold after it’s been sitting wet on the floor.

To conclude, pestemal towels provide lightweight, fast-drying, and quick-absorbing benefits that aren’t possible with typical towels.

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