The Basics Of Color Contact Lenses

As the name suggest, color contact lenses are tinted, often altering the color of your eyes. Although you can opt for non-tinted contact lenses, more and more people are leaning towards the tinted types. The colored types help to correct vision problems in those people that suffer from nearsightedness and farsightedness. You can get soft contact lenses or the rigid gas permeable types, also referred to as hard contact lenses. How you take care of non-tinted varieties is exactly the same way you are supposed to take care of the colored varieties.

There are different types of tinted contact lenses. For instance, your optician can prescribe visibility tinted contacts. Although they are tinted, they don’t alter your natural eye color. The only reason why they are tinted is so that you can see them clearly when they are in the lens solution. If you drop the lens, it is also easier to find.

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